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The most worn jewels by men and their care

Are you one of those people who thinks men don't wear jewelry? The reality is that they also like to look good and wear accessories that give them status and match their favorite outfits. Today we will tell you what the most used jewelry by men is, the primary care they need, and how a jewelry box can be the best ally to keep them in good condition. 


Watches: Watches will never go out of style, no matter how much we can check the time on our cell phones. Before the 20th century, wristwatches were women's accessories, which became popular after World War I to facilitate their use by airmen, who began to wear them on the left wrist as the least predominant hand. The watch gives status, provides an image of style, communicates authority, and can match with the wardrobe. To take care of it, keep it in a cool, dry place, away from the sun and humidity. If you don't have a case, a jewelry box is perfect for keeping it in shape and preventing damage.  


Rings: The rings are perhaps the oldest accessory of greater status. They have evolved more significantly since their origin in the Greeks, passing through Egyptian pharaohs and the Vikings until now. As a result, we find them of materials as diverse as the skin, titanium bands, bamboo, silver, black onyx, ceramics, and gold, among others. Take care of your rings by keeping them away from perfumes, creams, moisture, sunlight, and places where they may fall. Preferably, opt for a jewelry box for each ring, so they do not rub each other. 


Cufflinks: Dumbbells, cufflinks, or cufflinks are essential accessories in jewelry for men. They never go out of fashion and give a touch of elegance to outfits. Their use is related to the higher classes because they are found in metals such as steel, silver, and gold, either alone or with precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, quartz, onyx, and spinel. 

The use of cufflinks dates back to the period known as the Renaissance, when men used pins or ribbons on the buttonholes of the cuffs of their shirts, and later the tailors implemented chains, bows, and buttons with engravings in gold and silver. 

How to keep them in good condition?

To keep these jewels in perfect condition, you need a jewelry box that keeps them separate from other pieces. Also, ensure that they do not fall perfume or body cream, that they are away from moisture, and that the sun does not give them directly so that they do not damage, and keep them in pairs so as not to lose parts. 

We hope this information will be helpful and help you keep your favorite jewelry in the best condition. In Bocanegra, you'll find beautiful jewelry box models to protect them. So please browse our online store, buy the ones you like, and receive them in your home. 

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