Soap Dispenser Onyx

Soap Dispenser Onyx

Hygiene and personal care have never been more important nowadays, so: ¿Why don’t we do it in a beautiful and elegant way with a Soap Dispenser Onyx? The rest room is one of the most used places currently, and interior design lovers know that personalizing every corner of the palace will supply personality, and what a better way than doing it with a precious stone like onyx, primarily with Bocanegra Art products, carved by 100% Mexican hands.

¿Why choosing an Onyx Soap Dispenser?

Having a soap dispenser in our homes or at work is an essential factor when offering a correct hygiene service and by going for an Soap Dispenser Onyx will obtain an elegant touch that we are looking for in a room with such a potential like a bathroom.

Hand are the home of thousands of germs, microbes, fungus, and other potentially infectious agents. Even with fingerprints, it is common to find staphylococcus colonies which are responsible of some common diseases like pneumonia.

Some Soap Dispenser Onyx products that may interest you

Washing hands correctly and frequently is fundamental if we want to eliminate all type of germs. The Soap Dispenser Onyx provides the necessary amount of soap for hand washing, without wasting and saving water, and taking care of the environment. Additionally, it is avoided intern contact with hands that had touched the soap bar.

Leaving the house, getting in a car, holding the public transport handrail, touching money, touching elevator’s buttons, the use of cell phone or simply as shaking hands with someone; although we have never thought of it before, we use hands for endless number of activities day-to-day, so we are in a constant exposure to different bacteria and germs. The liquid soap dispenser eliminates the disproportionate use of the soap bar and the potential dissemination of germs which can come from this common product.

In Bocanegra Art you will find Soap Dispenser Onyx with unique styles and designs in the market, in tonalities like white, black, yellow, brown, orange, red and green. This gorgeous material is suitable for retro, handmade and illuminated objects, for interior designs, providing an exclusive environment to each room. They are ideals to give an elegant touch to our bathroom, considering that produces a better hand cleanliness and hygiene, compared to a traditional soap dish.

We invite you to surf in our web page to find Mexican craftworks in marble, onyx, fluorite, such as huichol pieces of art which you will love. You can acquire them easily in our online shop and receive it in your home address. For more information, email us at or call us at 619-409-2896.

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