Cheese board

Pampering your guests with wine and cheese merits a special Cheese board, made of marble or onyx. When serving delicate dishes, the material of the dish is important so that no flavors or smells are mixed that cause an inappropriate experience with the pairing.

In Bocanegra Mx, you will find beautiful set cheese board in marble or onyx, a material with a luxurious appearance, unique veins, and 100% natural colors. In addition to being beautiful, it does not maintain odors or flavors, so they do not contaminate the Cheese board and allow diners to enjoy each flavor.

Each of our Cheese board has its marble base, so in addition to serving delicious dishes, you can decorate your table, kitchen counter, or showcase. If you don’t know what to give to a couple at their wedding or their anniversary celebration, one of our cheese board sets will make you look great.