Onyx Urns

Onyx Urns

In Bocanegra Art, we know that a loved one’s loss is one of the most painful occurrences and it may be hard getting over it. When a person dies, his relatives have the option of burying and cremation; in the first case, an urn must be acquired and in the second case, it will be sufficient with small onyx urns to protect the ashes, either in a chapel, in a family mausoleum, or in a house with their loved ones.

Cremation is an easy way to decide what to do with the loved one’s body, transfer it and place its rests without being a complicated neither an expensive task, nor entails any health risk such as in a burial. Nowadays, cremation has also become the most searched option for pets, which form part of the family and their loss tend to leave everyone with sorrow; having its rests at home is a way of still keeping it safe and keeping close our loved dog or cat to us.

Using onyx urns gives the loved one’s loss a celestial aura, which can calm a sad heart by keeping it close and by visiting its rests; there are people who like to put altars or offerings along the loved one’s favorite food, among other typical objects such as their picture, flowers, water of alcoholic beverages, which are not only used for Día de Muertos, The Day of the Deaths in México, but the whole year to light their way up to the afterlife.

Some Onyx Urns products that may interest you

This custom is part of Mexican traditions since immemorial times, since this was taken place before the conquer of Spain by leaving a candle melt slowly to honor the gods in a physical representation to plead for the loved one’s soul who has departed.

Besides onyx urns, candle holders and picture frames made of the same material will upgrade the place’s ornaments, where their loved ones can rest, giving it a decorative touch without loosing a celestial aura and praying purposes.

If you are looking for a fine fabricated urn, elegant and durable, marble and onyx urns are the best; onyx is a mineral which is considered by ancient Mexican civilizations as a semi-precious stone, and due to its characteristics, such as wide variety of veins, colors, it is used for manufacturing of furniture, lamps, jewelry, handicrafts, religious objects, among others.

In Bocanegra Art, we feature onyx urns in gorgeous color-schemes that are highlighted in its well-polished resistant design that will look quite well in a shelf, in an altar o un a family chapel. Each one of our products is fabricated by artisans’ hands.

We invite you to surf the web page to find the marble and onyx urns, in addition of other high-quality Mexican handcrafts and, if you have any doubts or more information, email us at info@bocanegramx.com or call us at 619-409-2896. We’ll glad to help you.

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