Onyx Urns for pets: Together forever

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Onyx Urns for pets: Together forever

We love our pets but saying goodbye is too painful. The fact that we must stop looking at those sweet eyes that welcome us home, that we will not be able to touch their soft fur, neither feeling their warm body when sleeping leaves, a deep hollow, that only those who have lost a pet know about.

Onyx urns is a way to keep our pets near us and make the together-forever-promise a reality, reminding ourselves the actual time you spent together.

When a pet passes away, we have two alternatives: bury it or incinerate it. Both must be carried out in an ecological way to preserve the environment. A common practice is burying the animals in fields, gardens or abandoned plot, nevertheless, it is a dangerous practice since the small body would decompose and would emit toxic vapors and not only can draw squirming insects, but it can be related with diseases such as salmonella.

Cremation and incineration are the friendliest method not only for the environment, but also for pet owners, since it is carried out in controlled surroundings and the ashes can be recovered and placed in either a container or urns, or, buried in the patio.


There are progressively more people that opt for pet cremation, their ashes recovery and, afterwards, place the urn in a special place, such as a headboard or in the living room, where they can have a beautiful picture of their pets. This may seem painful, and it is a great help to overcome this mourning period for the entire family, specially for kids, who do not comprehend at all what happened to their beloved pet.

Onyx Urns, an incredibly special little present

Pay homage to a loved one, in particular a dog or cat , it merits a special gift, and the onyx urns are the best option that you are looking for, given it does not pollute, they are durable, and can be found in gorgeous designs that will decorate that special spot dedicated for your pet.

In Bocanegra Art Mx we possess a great variety of attractive onyx and marble urns fabricated manually by Mexican artisans, to place the beings that truly brought love when they were alive.

Surf through our online shop and acquire your most lovable onyx urn. For more information, email us through info@bocanegramx.com or phone us at 619-409-2896. We will be happy to assist you.

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