Onyx Lamps

Onyx Lamps

Who wouldn’t want to create the perfect lightning to harmonize their senses? The use of onyx lamps transmit energy, beauty, elegance, also the tradition indicates that they clean the environment in a spiritual way since it eliminates the negative energy.

In Bocanegra Art you will find beautiful onyx lamp models that emphasize the stone to the highest extent including delicate and fine pieces made 100 % by craftsmen from Puebla.

This stone semi-precious will give your home or office an elegant and incomparable touch; it appears in black and white, although there are yellow, green, and red with a white stripe tonality. It is made of waxy polish, with a dull translucid transparency, therefore is ideal for maps considering that it gives the environment a magical illumination when it lets the light go through and projects it in a unique way.

Mexican traditions dictate that is better to have an onyx object as an ornament at home since this stone oversees by purifying each place where is placed in. Apparently, this stone can also help by ward off nightmares to have a placid and calm sleep if we decorate rooms with onyx lamps.

Some Onyx Lamps products that may interest you

The suitable lightning in the interior of a house, office, hotels, art galleries or museums highlight every element situated inside a place; if we do not get a great lightning, our efforts will not be suitable. Therefore, using onyx lamps of diverse types like in the wall, recessed ceiling light or roof, as a table and floor, it will light up as perfect as you are looking for your surroundings.

For outdoors, a wall onyx lamp is an elegant way to welcome important people as family, friends, executive, etc. Either at home or in an office; you can also create incredible decorative designs for garden areas with stones semiprecious lightning all the surroundings, projecting warm and beauty.

Bocanegra Art is the best onyx lamps authorized distributor. You will find a great variety of Mexican craftwork in our shop online: true work of art with unique designs, such as Onyx lamps. Other examples of designs we have fluorite lamps, diamond fluorite, zebra diamond vein, pink reddish vein, zebra vein, Bacalar aqua vein, among other things. These astonishing designs will decorate your place in a fun and elegant way, now that the stone’s natural tones extol when illuminated.

We invite you to surf our web page to find Mexican craftworks of marble, onyx, fluorite, just like beautiful pieces of huichol art that you will adore, and you will acquire easily through our online shop and receive it at your home address. For more information, e-mail us at info@bocanegramx.com or contact us at 619-409-2896.

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