Onyx Bowls

Onyx Bowls

¿Did you know that onyx is the second mineral most abundant in the world and it has a lot of varieties? Considered as a gorgeous rock, the onyx has a large jewelry history due to its different color-scheme. Onyx bowls are an example of beauty, originality, and style. That’s why are more used as decoration in homes, offices, museums, among other places.

Onyx bowls are luxurious ornaments that are integrated with contemporary ornaments, minimalists, or for traditional styles since they are versatile, and they complement any space with a touch of color. They are well appealing for handicrafts and natural stones collectors, considering that its designs are original due to the quality of the veins that make them look different than others.

A bowl is a perfect element to emphasize spaces in your home o business: coffee table, shelving ornaments in bathrooms or living rooms, hotel lobbies, bars, or restaurants. You can also place onyx bowls in places where there is good lighting and brightness, that create a charming atmosphere.

Some Onyx Bowls products that may interest you

Along the obsidian, onyx was the most used stone in ancient towns of the pre-Columbian Mexico to elaborate pieces for defense and hunt, as knives and spears, and for religious altars, masks, sculptures, and pieces for daily use. Therefore, onyx bowls are part of Mexican tradition and beautiful arts and crafts to decorate your rooms.

Exclusive designs of onyx bowls, craftwork 100% handmade in Mexico by artisans with a large career path, home address delivers, secure shops online are some benefits that Bocanegra Art has for you. You will find handcrafted onyx pieces, fluorite, marble and huichol art ready to be delivered to your home address wrapped carefully so that it can arrive to your destination in perfect conditions.

The beautiful onyx bowls from Bocanegra Art are elements that will highlight any interior decoration: each one of our designs has a special shape and color, since their natural colors of the natural stones give it an elegant touch, which combines with diverse decorative styles.

Purchase your favorite piece in our online store and receive it in your home. If you need more information email us to info@bocanegramx.com, through our contact form or call us in: 619-409-2896. We will assist you with pleasure.

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