Natural stones ornament’s energetic benefits

Natural stones ornament’s energetic benefits

Human beings are made up of atoms and cells that, in turn, the frequency or energy waves such as sound, light, color alter our self-being. We are all made of stars, is not only a song but a reality: if we start to learn how to control our energy, we will accomplish all our goals.

People vibrate with their frequency and that is related to every inch and thought we have. When our frequency is low is due we are experiencing a negative emotional state: anger, envy, jealousy, fear, guilt, among others. High frequencies are related to positive feelings: gratitude, joy, love, help, among others.


How do natural stones affect energy?

Stones belong to the Earth and this is found itself full of joy. So, as a result, they are the entrance for elevated frequencies. Rocks are natural formations that possess colors, textures, luminosities, energy and for many ages, human beings realized and tried to take advantage of their benefits, appropriating their magical powers. There are no stones or crystals for healing, but it has been used for its energetic benefits throughout human history.

According to scientific studies, stones help soothe physical and mental pain. They radiate energetic frequencies that the body absorbs, especially speaking of the mind where there are hidden beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and ideas that provoke mental blocks or low frequencies.


Nowadays, there are many theories about healing with stones and crystals, especially for home cleaning which has all the benefits:

  • Marble: Protects economic stability. It is known as the personal success stone, which helps to erase hard times, encourages self-confidence, eases fears and stress. Some cultures know it as the immortality stone due to its resistance throughout the time that allows it to maintain its original shape through many decades.
  • Fluorite: It is a valuable stone due to its sparkle, which grants a huge attraction power. Due to its beauty, colors, and sparkle, it helps to eject negative energies, clean places where it is placed, spread calm and peace, since it counters mental disorders.
  • Onyx: It is an energetic stone known for its protection and spiritual support in complex situations, therefore it is used to heal emotional wounds, bring peace, reduce anxiety, stress and foment equilibrium between mind, body, and soul.

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