Mineral Veins


Moscoso Vein

Inspired by the deepest tastes of the Bocanegra Family founder. Baroque lines and earth colors make this vein something unique in space and time. Found at the beginning of the exploitation of the quarry “El Canario”

Arcangel Zebra Vein

Available Products:

  • Decorative Bowls
  • Decorative Lamps

Colorada Vein

In Yucatan there is a place with an amazing landscape, a combination of a clean blue sky with impressive pink waters. We are talking about Las Coloradas, a small town located very close to Río Lagartos and San Felipe.

Oaxaca Vein

This vein projects us the beauty of the contrasts that can be found in this beautiful city “Oaxaca”, a culture where Mexico takes root its historical roots.

Tuxtla Vein

Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas. City where nature expresses its majesty. This vein represents brilliance and beauty in its lines and colors.

Izta Vein

Iztaccíhuatl is the third highest mountain in Mexico and is normally recognized by its contour similar to that of a sleeping woman. However, in Nahuatl it means “white woman” and we know that it lives up to its name since between the Ayoloco glacier and the sporadic snow it receives, it is one of the whitest peaks in the country.

Tulum Vein

Tulum or Tuluum was a walled city of the Mayan culture located in the State of Quintana Roo, in the southeast of Mexico, on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. It is currently a great tourist attraction in the Riviera Maya and next to it is the modern town of the same name, Tulum. The Mayan city is located within the Tulum National Park.

Merida White Vein

Color that fills with purity and peace in an environment of total harmony. Its beauty transports us to one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico. Merida Yucatan. Bastion of a beautiful area full of mysticism and history. Elegant architecture and colors converge in its streets and historical spaces, making this vein something incredibly elegant and pure.

Malinche Vein

Colors that make us dream and remember our past, where the Spanish conquest was watershed in our history. The sand and reddish colors tell us about Malinche, an important woman in the history of Mexico, who today is represented on a great mountain located in the city of Puebla.