Mexican craftsmen: popularizing their country’s culture

Mexican craftsmen: popularizing their country’s culture

In Mexico, there is a huge diversity of craftworks as a reflection of a vast ancient culture, a mixture of Spanish and Arab culture during colonization times. Through thousands of pottery, bone, glass designs, among others, the Mexican art veils craftsman’s creativity, who contribute with their identity and culture for the world.

One of the most important aspects of Mexican art is that each region has created its craftworks with its peculiar elements, such as the type of soil they use, available materials, and costumes; not only that but also, since prehispanic cultures were different among themselves, they had their cosmogony: beliefs, gods, rituals, treasure, ceremonies, and ornaments that nowadays we can recognize through craftworks.


The state and municipal governments support and spread the Mexican craftworker’s activities. Families have also inherited their traditions and mission to deliver the culture from Mexico to the rest of the world. Not only it helps to spread the knowledge and the value of Mexican art in Europe, Latin America, and North America, but families have a worthy income, which allows them with their children’s sustenance and to encourage social and economical development in regions where art is the principal source of labor.

Such goals are shared with Bocanegra Art. We are a Mexican artisan family which works with marble, onyx, stones quarry that allows cutting unique pieces with spectacular designs and that also discreetly carry land’s secrets. Each craftwork that you will find us has been handmade, helped by cutting and sculpting instruments to shape hard-wearing, visual-quality pieces that fit with the most modern decorative designs, without lacking Mexican essence.


The handcrafted work with quarry stones such as onyx and marble is the heritage from generations that date back to prehispanic times, when they would carve all types of ornaments such as necklaces, lamps, plates, miniature sculptures, among others that are a Mexican symbol at present.

In Bocanegra Art you will find an extensive variety of handicrafts fabricated by Mexicans, all handmade sculpted, in unique and special designs, that will fill your home with the stone’s magic. Surf our online shop and acquire your favorite pieces for a spectacular price.

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