The loss of a loved one is a painful and hard situation to overcome; in some cases, the only comfort we can find lies in that is found in a better place. For that purpose, we can offer its deceased rests a sacred space, in a beautiful marble urns, which decorates an altar dedicated to that person who we remind with such love.

Nowadays, cremation is the easiest way to dispose the rests of a loved one that has abandoned this worldly world, since it is an inexpensive method and allows the urns’ removal to be a simple and low-cost task. Like a burial, especially if the death occurs far from home and loved ones.

Once the body is cremated, having an urn is essential to keep the funeral parlor ashes complete. What can it be better than a beautiful and aesthetic booth that creates a mystic aura from the loss of a loved one, which makes us feel that they are still near us and feel that is possible to talk to them everytime we need to?

Why choosing a marble urns?

If you are planning to keep the rests of your loved one at home or in a graveyard and visit them frequently, a marble urns is an ideal alternative due to its qualities of this natural stone that distinguish it from other materials like metal or wood. Due to its fine polished process, beautiful and high-quality are obtained from this which show off perfectly in any type of decoration.

Some Marble Urns products that may interest you

Definitely, your loved ones deserve to rest near loved ones, in a beautiful urn that makes them forget that mournful tone that can be usually associate it with death, to be changed into a positive tone: the possibility of keeping at home someone that is loved so deeply.

On the other hand, you may think of marble urn as expensive but if we compare the price-quality relation of a durable urn, which can be kept at home, with a coffin, burial services, cemetery maintenance, we will confirm it is a profitable option.

Bocanegra Art: splendid marble urns for loved ones.

If you are going through the loss of a loved one and looking where to keep the rests in an aesthetic way, in Bocanegra Art you will find marble urns fabricated by Mexican craftsmen with high quality materials and gorgeous designs to decorate the space where is going to be placed.

We invite you to surf our web page to find Mexican craftworks in marble, onyx, fluorite just like gorgeous pieces of huichol art that you will adore and will acquire easily in our shop online and receive it in your home. For more information email us at or call us at 619-409-2896. We will happily attend you!