Luxury dining rooms with onyx and fluorite bowls

Luxury dining rooms with onyx and fluorite bowls

Are you looking for ideas for decorating your dining room? The place where you and your family have their food should not go unnoticed, especially if you usually have dinners with your friends, in-laws, or even with your clients and partners. The dining room should always shine and show the best of your home, and for this, the onyx bowls and fluorite bowls are great allies, today we will tell you why.

Bowls: key elements for the dining room.

When decorating an interior space, you will find that there are key points, from which you will start to create a warm, integrated environment that gives the necessary harmony to each room. In the case of the dining room, onyx bowls and fluorite bowls are the central elements, which can have a decorative function or be used to put other ornaments that give comforts, such as candles or a floral bouquet.


Game of shapes and colors

If you have a rectangular or square dining room, onyx and fluorite bowls will help to visually smooth the edges of the table, in addition to highlighting the beauty of other decorative accessories such as table paths, tablecloths, or even napkin holders of the same material, so you can play with shapes and colors according to the occasion, to give a touch of elegance, or else, informality to the meeting.

Color your dining room with onyx bowls

If the dining room of your home is dark, you probably think that using more lamps or candles is the best idea to illuminate; however, onyx bowls are excellent for this purpose because they reflect light naturally, without causing discomfort in the eyes, it is also a natural stone that gives the feeling of warmth that we all look for in our home.

For their part, fluorite bowls do not have the same quality of natural lighting, but they are a point of light in your dining room, especially if you choose them in colors such as white, with pink or yellow streaks.


What if my table is too small for decorative bowls?

If your dining room is too small to have a decorative centerpiece, you can take advantage of other furniture from the same room to achieve that warm environment provided by onyx and fluorite bowls. For example, the kitchen counter or bar, especially if they are attached; you can also make them a space in the showcase, along with your dishes, collectible glasses, and souvenirs of special dates, and if your showcase has lighting, your decorative bowls will stand out even more.

Where to buy onyx and fluorite bowls?

If you live in the United States and are looking for onyx bowls or fluorite bowls for your home decoration, your best alternative is to buy online with Mexican artisans who have exclusive designs: Bocanegra MX. With us, you will find a wide variety of bowls, as well as other decorative pieces for your dining room: napkin holders, tequila shots set, turntables, and more. Browse our online store, buy the products you like the most and receive them in your home.

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