Light up your home with onyx and fluorite lamps

Light up your home with onyx and fluorite lamps

Looking for a way to shed light on your home decor? Lighting has a big influence on lifestyle and comfort perception, so when you’re in an illuminated room, you automatically feel more comfortable, relaxed and inspiration comes easily. Today, in the blog of Bocanegra we will tell you how to decorate and light your home with fluorite and onyx lamps. Let’s get started!

Lamps as works of art

The onyx and fluorite lamps have beautiful and original designs, which not only give light to a space, but allow to create a more comfortable, quiet, and relaxing environment, like the one you are looking for in your living room; or, an elegant stay, Luxurious and well-lit in your office.

The right choice of lamps will help you create the atmosphere you want, and you can use as many as you need to illuminate, give warmth, and a decorative touch in every corner of your home or office.


Arouses emotions

The human brain reacts to the various stimuli around it, and one of the most important is color. Lighting has the power to increase colors and influence the perception we have about our environment, for example, yellow and blue evoke us to the sky, the dawn, and the energy we have to start the day; meanwhile, orange, pink, and lilac give us the peace of the sunset and relax us after a stressful day at work.

Now, you can implement this concept in your home or office, with the use of onyx lamps, which let light pass through and reflect it, so they will enhance the effect of the color you choose, whether you have more productivity in the office, or improve your rest at night with a couple of lamps for your room. ¡ You decide!

Geometric shapes

Unlike traditional lamps, fluorite and onyx lamps can be found in rectangular, circular, or other shapes, which are more striking, They still decorate the environment even if they are not captivated and are true handicrafts that will be appreciated by the people you visit, as the natural stones give warmth to the spaces they decorate.

In addition, playing with geometric shapes can help you play with spaces; for example, circular lamps (which look like scented candles) soften the appearance of rectangular furniture, with overly elegant or rigid materials like oak.


Onyx and fluorite lamps with exclusive design in Bocanegra MX

Now that you know the benefits of onyx and fluorite lamps, at Bocanegra MX you will find beautiful models for the decoration of your home or office. All our products are exclusive, made by Mexican artisans and you won’t find them anywhere else.

Browse our online store, discover our products and give light to your home with the lamps that Bocanegra MX has for you.

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