Jewelry box: How to store your jewelry to keep it in good condition

Jewelry box: How to store your jewelry to keep it in good condition

It probably happened to you more than once:

  • You get ready to go to work.
  • You already have the perfect outfit, the shoes, the bag.
  • You only need a pair of earrings and a necklace to complement.

But, how do you feel when you find only one earring, or you see your necklace tangled with five other chains, and you have to spend several minutes unraveling them?

This will not happen to you more with an onyx jeweler, and today we will tell you how to store your jewelry so that they are in perfect condition.

Make an inventory of jewelry.

Before you start and know what to choose, you should make an inventory of all your jewelry: earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and all accessories that you can keep in your jewelry box. With this in mind, you can choose a single package or several. This is the second option most recommended for a constantly growing collection. Then, you can avoid the excessive accumulation of parts and give them enough space.


The best jewelers

Choosing the best jewelers depends on your tastes and the type of jewelry. An onyx box is excellent for storing individual or small pieces, such as earrings and rings, and decorating your dresser. You can also choose hooks or collars and circles to find them quickly, and you can combine your outfits easily.

Suppose you have to keep some gold or silver jewelry near onyx jewelers. In that case, the recommendation is to put a cotton ball or fabric not to get mistreated.


If you have different types of jewelry, it is best to classify them by similar categories, for example, silver with silver. Not all metals are equally resistant. Some may receive various scratches, especially if you have stones, such as gold objects, among other delicate pieces.

Avoid the humid environment.

Did you know that the worst enemy of jewelry is moisture? A humid environment favors the oxidation of the metal and the molding of the stones. For this reason, you must avoid storing your jewelry in moist places which receive direct sunlight, in the bathroom, near the air conditioning, or in drawers. Instead, try to put your jewelry box on your dresser in a particular place where it does not receive any of the items mentioned. You can also add a bag of silica gel to make it dry.


Keep your collection clean.

To prevent your collection from losing its shine, you should clean your jewelry periodically. Do not store them immediately after removing them since grease, sweat, cosmetics, or perfume residues can deteriorate. Instead, we recommend wiping them dry and lint-free before storing them and cleaning them at least once a month to keep them shiny and beautiful.

We hope you find these tips helpful. In the online store of Bocanegra, you will find the most beautiful onyx jewelry box to store your jewelry collection or to give to your loved ones. Please browse our website and discover all the products we have for you.

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