Huichol Art

Huichol Art

Huichol Art is one of the most representative sample of the mexican millenary tradition, which has colorful, beautiful and enigmatic designs. Nowadays, there are not other ethnic group in Mexico which conserves its believes , God worship and traditions like Huicholes do, fusing contemporary art with folkloric traditions.

¿Who are the Huicholes?

The wixarikas, known in Spanish language as huicholes, are a ethnic group who radicate where the states like Nayarit, Jalisco, Durang y Zacatecas converge, in the Sierra Madre Occidental of Mexico. (A mountain range system in the North American Cordillera) Historians have not decided yet about its origins but it has been found evidences of its arrival to such zone since the clasic millenary period, which includes the years from 200 a 700 A.D

Huixol art and mythology are deeply related. Its believes are based in 4 elements: earth, water, air and fire. The artistic figures have captured nature since ancestral times: moons, suns, trees, sacred animals, mountains, oceans and deitys are conected with the god’s world through dreams and visions while consuming peyote.

Their cosmogeny is divided in three universes: from the mitology indicates that gods emerged from the sea; the corn conects daily life and traditions with mysticism; and the huichol art shows the world through the rituals, therefore the traditions is passed from a generation to another as Huichol chaman’s vision in transcriptions.

Some Huichol Art products that may interest you

Huichol art for collectors

Collectors from all over the world value huichol art for its wide variety of colors and uniqueness in every piece, as well as the symbolism in their designs.

Nowadays, we can find pieces of a wide variety of materials, tradition in a colorful decoration, striking ,which reflects visions obtained from rituals and ancient techniques that are mantained so the world can get to know their traditions and believes.

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