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In Bocanegra Art we know that lightning is the element that determines how we perceive a room, therefore, is important to choose the light’s source and the way of distributing it to places where is needed. In Bocanegra Art, we present our fluorite lamps: unique pieces, beautiful, elegant, carved by hand with so much love by our Mexican artisans.

Fluorite lamps project light in a subtle way, in a way that an intimate environment is created for relaxation, ideal for table talks, decorating the room with a faint light which transmits clam at night, to get to sleep.

Lightning is not only for the sight: the correct light transmits calm, a well-being, it can even develop cognitive abilities. Therefore, knowing the properties for each source of light will help us choosing the most suitable lamps for every occasion.

Many times, when decorating a room, we forget planning lightning for different moments for every day, for example, reading, working at home, and studying; every room of your home, and even offices and businesses require different light levels. Experts suggest using white lights of total field or even uplifted blue lights during daylight to stimulate brain activity, especially for working spaces.

Some Fluorite lamps products that may interest you

It is said that fluorite is advisable for people who suffer stress, due to its relaxing properties, that’s why fluorite is the ideal stone for student desks since it is a natural calmer, it releases negativity and emotional block, besides decorating un a unique and special way for homeschooling, or home office too.

Fluorite lamps designs also have an ornamental objective, since the stone is in an elegant handmade style, which can be used to decorate rooms, offices, entrance halls, lobbies, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, among others.

The fluorite is an effective stone against computer’s electromagnetic radiation, which crystal therapy experts point out that it cleans and stabilizes the aura, increases trust, transmits calm and mental clarity.

In Bocanegra Art, you will find diverse incredible fluorite lamp designs. The stunning natural stone can be used to decorate rooms or even gift it to that special someone. Surf through the online shop and discover Mexican handcrafts made of marble, onyx, fluorite, huichol art pieces and other beauties we have for you. You can acquire them with a few clicks and receive it at your home.

If you need mor information, email us at info@bocanegramx.com or call us at 619-409-2896.

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