Fluorite Bowls

Fluorite Bowls

Fluorite bowls are gorgeous carved pieces by artisans that have experience of fabricating unique handcrafts; These crystal bowls can be occupied as an ornament for you home, hotels, lobbies for sports center, among other places, since it transmits elegancy at its maximum splendor.

Pure fluorite is colorless; the variation of colors is caused by organic impurities like minerals, the most common tonalities are lilac or violet, light green, yellow, Blue-green, and, it can have intense colors like blue, green, pink, orange or white. One of its most prominent traits is its fluorescence, a phenomenon produced by ultraviolet light reflection in some elements like yttrium and europium, which replace calcium in the mineral.

¿Did you know that fluorite is a recognized stone as decoration in view of helping to get clarity and mental improvement? It is also useful to protect electromagnetic radiation such as what computers emit. Also, in the curative stone’s world, it is said that it helps cleaning and stabilizing the aura, expels negative energies and tensions, integrates spiritual energies, and reorganizes bodies in physical, mental, and spiritual way.

Some Fluorite bowls products that may interest you

This powerful stone is known as a “psychic vacuum”, clearing cloudy thoughts. Fluorite helps clearing the mind in order to think freely, therefore it is recommendable for office decoration, meeting rooms, lobbies and other places where important decisions are taken, creativity must be awakened and where focus and relaxation must be present in the environment.

Fluorite bowls are decorative pieces that have ancestral traditions in it, since many cultures fabricated them, not only as ornaments, also as utensils for eating of drinking. Nowadays, they are ideal to decorate interiors, providing an elegant touch everywhere is placed.

In Bocanegra Art know that decoration is very important, so we put the greatest care into our pieces so they can be the highest quality, unique and special.

We invite you to surf through our web site to find the most gorgeous Mexican handcrafts made of marble, onyx, fluorite, such as huichol art pieces that you will love, and you can acquire them easily in our online shop and receive it in your home address. For more information, email us at info@bocanegramx.com or call us at 619-409-2896. We’ll be happy to help you.

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