Fall in love with the wide variety of figures in marble easily, due to the resistance of this stony material, polished finished touches, natural veins, its variety of colors, besides its rich chromatic are some of the advantages of using it to decorate.

Marble is a natural strong stone and has insulating qualities due to its high concentration of calcium carbonate, which usually surpasses 75% of composition. Simultaneously, it is very versatile for its wide variety of colors and its physical peculiarity. It is one of the most formerly used in interior designs, is a symbol of wealth and status that has been present through centuries. It has been used in palaces, mansions, and residences all over the world. From roman buildings to Versailles palaces, marble has been used as a structural stone and ornamental in halls, road surfaces, figures, sculptures, bathrooms, or front of buildings, for example the Taj Mahal, the most known monument ever built from this material.

One of the biggest advantages is that is always trendy, and it matches well with wood and glass, so it is a fundamental element for interior and outdoor ornaments to give a good presentation, so the figures in marble cannot be missing in your home or office decoration.

In Bocanegra Art you will find a wide variety of unique figures in marble, original design and handcrafted by Mexican artisans ideal for decorations: from paper airplanes to a fun Pac- Man set, mini skulls, even beautifully handcrafted sculptures from our great artisans.

Some Figures in marble that may interest you

¿Did you know that marble sculptures are one the most complicated art that exist and only few people are capable to do authentic marvels? Giving it an aesthetic shape represents a great difficulty and, on top of it, the demand level multiplies. The work of art is sculpted from a block, which is shaped, so turning to hyperrealism is such a challenge.

If you are wondering what material to use to decorate, figures in marble are great decorative gems to be always in sight. Also, for those who are Mexican handcrafts lovers, you can have unique pieces that would not be found in other houses from the neighborhood.

The marble is a beautiful and natural product with a great reputation due to its durability. It has always had possessed a sort of purity that results quite appealing to everyone who in keen on elegancy, which radiates luxury and class. Natural material tendency for ornaments has consolidated in last years and, in Bocanegra Art we will be so pleased to help you create beautiful and relaxing rooms with figures in marble that you will adore.

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