Decoration ideas for your living room with onyx lamps

Decoration ideas for your living room with onyx lamps

If you are looking for how to give warmth and original and unique touch to your living room, onyx lamps are the best alternative since the room is one of the busiest spaces, where the family meets and you receive visitors. So your living room can not go unnoticed in decoration and lighting.

The choice of the right lamps is as important as the sofa, coffee table, or doily, so today we will give you some ideas to decorate the room with onyx lamps.

Put onyx lamps on the side tables or reading tables

According to some interior designers, lighting in the room is often undervalued. Light is as important as color, and the lack of luminaires can make you or your loved ones feel depressed and lacking in creativity. So, having light near you in the room is important, especially if it’s your favorite place to read.


Choose the ideal spotlight

The advantage of onyx lamps is that you can choose the light bulb that you will place inside, unlike LED lamps that while they are beautiful, it is difficult to replace the light bulb when it melts and you will not be able to choose the color or intensity.

If you want your room to encourage creativity, reading, and joy, the high-intensity cold light is perfect for your lamp; but, if it is a place where they usually watch TV and relax, the warm, low-intensity light is perfect for resting the eyes.

Opt for LED spotlights, which consume less electricity and will give you the option to play with the intensity of light depending on where you are going to place the lamp.

Lamp to decorate your home office desk

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it an increase in home office workers, who have adapted a room space to place their computer as a small office.

Lighting is indispensable for work, especially if the area where your small office is a little dark or you do not want to bother your family with a lit light. Here, an onyx lamp will not only give you the light you need for your chores, but the properties of the stone will also help you concentrate, reduce stress, decorate your desk in a special way and have a better mood during your work.

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