The Clay pottery normal emerges from the art of transforming soil in clay or mud and transforming its traits with fire. These gorgeous pieces were one of the first human aesthetic and decorative invents.

Throughout history, some techniques and styles have been quite coveted. Pottery is the process of creating stunning pieces in different shapes, for example: pots, vases, among other objects, the ceramic materials are baked in high temperatures to give them a tough and long-lasting shape.

The principal types include crockery, ceramic tiles, porcelains; clay is differentiated from rigid ground soil and fine sand due to its capacity, when it is moistened with the right amount of water, to form a cohesive mass and to keep its shape when molded, this quality is known as clay plasticity. When it is heated up in high temperature is also partially melted, resulting in a compact substance, hard and similar to a rock, known as ceramic material.

It is known that Clay pottery normal was one of the first clays used by potters, and the type of clay is most common to be found, which is plastic and easy to work with and it can be sticky before hardening. Mud clays contain iron and other mineral impurities that make it reach its ideal hardness in lower temperatures.

Some Clay pottery normal products that may interest you

The typical colors for humid clay are red, orange, yellow and light gray. Clay artisans use different techniques to work such as: toned, urdido, barbotina, and diestock. In Bocanegra Art know that is particularly important to develop well the pieces, that is why our potters work the best way to make beautiful pieces, after pulling with strength the clay slice to the center to the potter’s wheel, hands are humidified to create the base and lift the piece.

To smooth out and polish it, a piece of cane is used and a piece of leather. Once they move the piece away from the potter’s wheel with the fishing line, it has to be left drying to then make on it other decorative elements.

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