When we talk about ornaments, we must focus on minute detail of the house and office, just like any other place where it can have a special touch. In Bocanegra Art we present you our Candle Set Onyx, a decorative resource for any room and situation.

You can use low-cost lamps with candle as decoration for a high visual impact to join light properties and rocky material’s warmth. It is incredible how an element so simple like an Candle Set Onyx can do wonders: it provides various alternatives to decorate, due to its wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes that let us place them in rooms, dining areas, restrooms, living rooms, offices, among others.

If we want to create relaxed environment, the best is to use faint colored candles or ones that do not contrast exaggeratedly with the room. We must choose adequate color-schemes, depending on the effect we want to achieve. One strategy would be putting candles together in different sizes, and what is better than an Candle Set Onyx that Bocanegra Art’s artisans have handmade crafted for you?

Some Candle Set Onyx products that may interest you

Cool colored candles can be placed and other warm colors too, with this we can create an active sensation. Decorating with candles is a technique that can be applied in any corner, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, even in offices, in order to create all type of emotions.

Imagine an elegant surprise dinner for your special person in your life or even something casual-romantic with the candle lightning. If you use an Candle Set Onyx, you will give class and elegance to your romantic meeting, but also is a spectacular gift for those who we love dearly, specially if they are decorations fans, handcrafts, and the candle visual magic.

Candles fit well outdoors, specially with pools or ponds, just like balconies to highlight textures, plants, and count on natural luminarias. It is said that Feng Shui represents enthusiasm, life, the communication instrument with the instrument, that is why they help to maintain he equilibrium in the atmosphere, bring lively energy, passion, and calm.

Now that you know the benefits of candles as ornaments, we invite you to surf the Bocanegra Art web to find beautiful Candle Set Onyx, Mexican handcrafts in marble, onyx, and fluorite, huichol art pieces and more. All our products can be acquired easily through our online shop and receive it easily. For more information, email us at info@bocanegramx.com or call us at 619-409-2896.