Black Clay Pottery

Black clay pottery

In Bocanegra Art we know that your home’s decoration is a topic that you always keep in mind and every detail to create a beautiful environment counts. The Black Clay Pottery is a material that allows designing unique beautiful and elegant pieces, in black color that comes from the clay itself. It has been found that the color and the brightness could be changed by polishing and baking them in a slightly lower temperature.

The clay piece it is polished with a stone before it is completely dry. After being baked, the piece emerges with a bright sparkly instead of a matt gray. This pottery style has become more popular among the handcraft collectors from all over the world due to its wide variety of pieces such as: pots, whistles, bells, flutes, masks, lamps, skulls, animal figures, etc. Most purposes are for ornaments, not for storing food or beverages.

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In Bocanegra Art know that the black clay pottery manufacturing process is long and requires such skills from our Mexican craftsmen. Dirt impurities must be removed by leaving it soaking and producing sediment. Then, the clay amasses until it becomes soft. Next, it is shaped with the piece mold. Once molding, it is dried in the sun for four days and later extra cuts are added. If the piece is shiny and lacks spots in it, the work is done. In case of needing another cut, it is done by our craftsmen’s hands, since it is a precise job.

The shiny effect is achieved by polishing the piece by hand with quartz crystals. After scraping it, it is dried in the sun for a couple of days and later it is placed in an oven (usually a firewood one) for a day. During this process, the black ceramic acquires its unique black color.

In Bocanegra Art, we know that every detail in the pieces must be done carefully by making cuts or extravagant shapes, that give rise to unique handcrafts to embellish your home.

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