Black Clay Pottery | What to give this February 14?

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Black Clay Pottery | What to give this February 14?

One of the most anticipated days of the year is undoubtedly February 14 or Valentine’s Day. After Christmas, it is the occasion when thousands of people give gifts and express all their love towards their best friends, couples, and lovers.

However, the most common gifts such as roses, chocolates, and balloons may not be the favorites of the person who will receive the facility; or who gives it. They may think that these are not good gifts by having been married for a couple for several years. Therefore, today on the blog of Bocanegra, we will give you some ideas of our catalog of black mud so that you stay well with that particular person.


Vase made of black clay

Maybe many times you have brought flowers to your partner, but… have you ever wondered if he has a unique vase to put your gifts? Unfortunately, beautiful and elegant bouquets often end up in water jars, yogurt jars, or cut-out plastic bottles.

Give her a black clay vase that will look elegant and decorate any space, even if it has no flowers.

Pots of black clay

Vases are collectibles that you can use for fresh flowers in elegant arrangements or still life and flowers preserved with natural substances such as glycerine.

The highlight of these vessels is that they are original, exclusive, and unique designs. You can play with the sizes, shapes, and models to place them in strategic places such as the stairs, the lobby, the room, or the bathroom of your home.


Table accessories

Many couples prefer to stay at home over dinner than go out to restaurants, which does not mean they cannot spend an elegant and romantic evening. Surprise your partner with black Talavera tableware, black mud napkin rings, cheese dishes, turntables for the centerpiece, or tequila glasses, which you can liven up a dinner or appetizers with cheese, wine, or tequila.

If you like these ideas, we invite you to browse the online store of Bocanegra Art. To surprise your partner, you will find various original products in marble, granite, and fluorite.

Contact us for more information about our shipments; we will gladly assist you.

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