Black clay pottery: Elegant touch in your home decoration with black clay

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Black clay pottery: Elegant touch in your home decoration with black clay

One of the most recognized and prestigious Mexican handicrafts is black mud, whose worldwide fame is thanks to the unique, original technique. That highlights the beauty of this material, which it previously knew only in opaque tones.

If you like Mexican crafts and want to have them but don’t know how to decorate your home, stay and read because we will tell you about them below.

Accentuates the bohemian decoration

Black clay pots look great with other materials of natural origin, such as wooden coffee tables. It is ideal to have one and decorate it with plants such as olive branches, rosemary, or lavender, which will also give a very peculiar aroma to your home.


Three vessels of black clay

The decoration must respect the rule of three collection pieces to create a perfect composition. You can combine designs, shapes, and heights or have three identical pieces with different flowers inside. This is recommended for larger surfaces, such as bookshelves or shelves, where they will highlight the space and other decorative objects, such as paintings, the same books, or portraits.

Less is more

If you want to decorate with black clay pots, try not to reload them with flowers or plants, making them look overloaded. Instead, simplicity will highlight the vessel if you opt for lighter arrangements, a single flower, or plants such as rosemary. In addition, if you choose very wild arrangements with flowers such as lavender, you will reinforce the natural character of your decoration.

Decorate the small spaces

Sometimes we think that we can not decorate our home because it is tiny and does not have space for furniture or large accessories. Hence, a black clay pot is perfect to put in corners like the stairs, the coffee table, the center of your dining room, or one side of the front door to welcome your visitors.


Decorate and beautify your bathroom

One of the trends in bathroom decoration is the use of decorative plants. They also help absorb excess moisture. Hence, they are great allies to decorate the guest bathroom or create a natural and wild environment that you can enjoy while you bathe.

Now that you know how to decorate your home with black clay pottery, search in the online store of Bocanegra Art. You will find the models you will love and give that elegant and beautiful touch that your home deserves.

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