Beautify your bathroom with onyx and marble soap dispensers

Beautify your bathroom with onyx and marble soap dispensers

The bathroom has become more and more important in the decoration of the home, and it is a place where you need an image of freshness, relaxation, and rest to give comfort every time you use it. Whether your bathroom is small or large, dark or bright, there’s always a way to bring your style to it. Luxury is always in the small details, and the onyx soap dispenser are that touch, which gives elegance to the sink and is complemented with finishes, faucets, mirrors, and lighting to create a beautiful, elegant and original atmosphere.

If you are not yet convinced to choose marble or onyx dispensers for your bathroom, we will explain to you today in Bocanegra’s blog why you should opt for these stones.

Complement your lighting

Onyx soap dispensers allow light to pass through and reflect it, so it’s a simple but very effective way to extend the lighting in your bathroom, especially if you use small LED lamps in the mirror, which illuminate the sink.

Good lighting is especially important in small, dark bathrooms, especially if you also use this room for makeup.


Combines with other decorative elements

The modern bathrooms include many decorative details to give comfort: carpets, stools, magazine racks, flowers, among others. Therefore, a dispenser of marble or onyx soap can fit into the decoration, combine with textures and colors, and bring beauty with its charm to be a natural stone, carved in an artisan way.

In addition, another benefit of the stones is that they adapt perfectly to all types of decorations: rustic bathrooms, minimalist, industrial style, or those looking for natural elements, with windows, paintings that evoke nature, or plants.

Combination of materials and colors

If you don’t have a definite style in your home’s decoration in general, or bathroom in particular, the onyx or marble soap dispenser are an excellent idea that combines with tiles, deck, vinyl materials that evoke wood, or concrete walls with different finishes.

In your sink or shower

If you love luxury at all times, marble or onyx soap dispensers are also great for the shower: fill them up with your body soap, scrub or shower gel and take them with you to the shower, or decorate the outline of your tub with them. In addition to providing access to soap, they will give a touch of elegance to your bathroom.


Health and safety

Over the past two years, we have become aware of the importance of hygiene in disease prevention, and how an aspect such as liquid soap can help us eliminate viruses and bacteria that make us and our loved ones sick.

An onyx or marble dispenser soap will help you put liquid soap within reach of your family and visitors, avoiding buying plastic bottles that, in addition to having unattractive designs, are polluting when thrown away. But with a special container, which decorates and enlivens your bathroom, you can save by buying soap bags to fill.

The best soap dispenser are in Bocanegra MX

After reading this, you’ve probably convinced yourself that having a marble or onyx soap dispenser is what’s missing from your bathroom, and you’re probably wondering where to buy one. In the online store of Bocanegra MX, you will find a wide variety of models, all handmade, with unique and original designs that you will love. Browse our online store and fall in love with our designs.

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