About us

We are a family company that takes pride in our products after 3 generations of hard-working men and women that make for us possible to offer you all this one of a kind pieces of handmade fine art.

For us is very important all this people that make it possible, and we are also aware of the impact of our company in the small population where our “cantera” and workshop takes place and we are proud of being part of the culture of the town and to show you a little bit of Mexico’s natural beautiful materials and craft.

We feel honored of your consideration in making us part of your unique and stylish decor.

Social responsibility commitment

Giving back to our communities, as a Social Responsible Company, we want a better shared future for the communities in where we live and work.

As a commitment from Bocanegra Family, we gladly want to contribute with the 2% of our prior year’s operating income annually to provide some educational material to the families that work with us.

We strive to have a positive impact. We are glad to contribute with assistance and support to the communities we serve, especially in times of need.